.js camp


The way we build modern web applications has made a massive shift to client-side focus, with much of work written in javascript these days. So, JavaScript is a must one. Microsoft Bangladesh is going to arrange .js camp for this vary purpose. The event will take place in Micrsoft Bangladesh office, starts from 3 pm at Sept 6, 2014.

Session Name, Speaker name, time are given below-

Session  : Write your first JavaScript program
Speaker : Tanzim Saqib
Time      :  3.30 pm

Session  : What is DOM and how to hack it using jQuery
Speaker : Shahriar Hossain
Time      :  4.00 pm

Session  : AngularJS in 20 minutes
Speaker : Shahjada Talukdar Masoom
Time      :  4.20 pm

Session  : Getting Started with Universal app development in JavaScript
Speaker : Foyzul Karim
Time      :  4.40 pm

: Prayer break :
Time      :  5.20 pm –  5.30 pm

Session  : Write your first Node.js server and deploy to Microsoft Azure
Speaker : Tanzim Saqib
Time      :  5.30 pm

: End :


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