New D-Series Virtual Machines for Azure

On the last week of Sepetember, Microsoft has released new set of VM sizes for Microsoft Azure which are ideal for many compute and data-intensive research applications. According to the official announcement the new D-Series VMs are 40-60% faster than other series.

Faster processors (approximately 60% faster than our A series), more memory(up to 112 GB) and SSD hard drives(up to 800 GB) are the key attraction in D-Series of VM. Companies/organizations that run “big data and analytics” or “data-intensive-type applications” are the main target .This D-Series VM can be used with both Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Cloud Services.

D Series_announce_1

To start using the new D-Series VM sizes jump to the current Azure Management Portal or Preview Portal. You can also use Azure management command-line/scripts/APIs for this purpose.

Note: Local SSDs with D-Series are “not guaranteed to be persistent,” meaning that the data “may be lost” if there’s a hardware failure. So, the SSDs are best used with “workloads that replicate across multiple instances,” such as MongoDB.

This is also a perfect candidate for database management solutions that can handle a high-input/output disk as a “local and temporary cache,” such as the “buffer pool extension” feature in SQL Server 2014.

General Purpose

Name vCores Memory (GB) Local SSD (GB)
Standard_D1 1 3.5 50
Standard_D2 2 7 100
Standard_D3 4 14 200
Standard_D4 8 28 400

High Memory

NamevCoresMemory (GB)Local SSD (GB)

Standard_D11 2 14 100
Standard_D12 4 28 200
Standard_D13 8 56 400
Standard_D14 16 112 800


Instance Cores RAM Disk sizes Price *
General Purpose
For websites, small-to-medium databases, and other everyday applications
D1 1 3.50 GB 50 GB  $0.171/hr(~$127/mo)
D2 2 7.00 GB 100 GB  $0.342/hr(~$254/mo)
D3 4 14.00 GB 250 GB  $0.684/hr(~$509/mo)
D4 8 28.00 GB 500 GB  $1.368/hr(~$1,018/mo)
Memory Intensive
For large databases, SharePoint server farms, and high-throughput applications
D11 2 14.00 GB 100 GB  $0.403/hr(~$300/mo)
D12 4 28.00 GB 200 GB  $0.806/hr(~$600/mo)
D13 8 56.00 GB 400 GB  $1.451/hr(~$1,080/mo)
D14 16 112.00 GB 800 GB  $2.611/hr(~$1,943/mo)

Prices include Windows Server licensing fee but not sales tax. Monthly Pay-As-You-Go estimates based on 744 hours of continuous use.
* This price could be change over the time, please check their official website for the latest pricing info.

For details of pricing :
Reference :


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