Attend a Free Microsoft Cloud DevCamp


Learn about the latest Microsoft Azure development tools and technologies from Microsoft technical experts at your local Microsoft Cloud DevCamp. This event would take place in United States.

Lots of attractive session is going to take place in the event. Topic includes Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines, Websites, and Visual Studio 2013 to build and move a variety of apps to the cloud, including websites, mobile applications, and enterprise-class applications.

The only prerequisite is to have a azure subscription. You can subscribe for free Microsoft Azure 30-day Trial or you can activate your free MSDN subscription.

What you will learn

The session will start with the basics and build up to more advanced topics. Hands-on labs will be focus on:

  • Microsoft Azure Websites and Virtual Machines Using ASP.NET & Microsoft SQL Server
  • Exploring Microsoft Azure Storage for Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
  • Deploying Cloud Services in Microsoft Azure

Event date, place, registration link could be found here : CloudDevCamp


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