Get things done from virtually anywhere with Office365


The way most of us have used Microsoft Office over the years has stayed the same, but the software suite is changing radically, with a hard emphasis on getting consumers to subscribe. So Microsoft was looking for a solution that they could offer to their customer as a subscription basis. The biggest challenge that Microsoft had on their part with Office was that they had  to ensure customers to have a consistent experience and the ability to do more–anywhere and everywhere on nearly every device.  So, Microsoft introduced Office365 as a software as service that they have been working for so many years. This is basically the subscription version of the new Office 2013 software. It is an all in one solution that provides access to many of Microsoft’s popular products (Microsoft Exchange Server, Lync, SkyDrive, Word, Excel etc) in a very affordable and easy to manage environment.

Top few takeaways to note include:

  • Reduce risk with Office365: Traditionally most of the organization hosted their email and other stuffs onsite at their office, when you separate that out and put it into office365 it eliminates the risk of your email going down, your whole business goes down [Symbol].
  • Powerful collaboration: With Office365 you could work on documents together in real-time. You can also edit documents at the same time without any headache of version controlling. The added extras such as the SkyDrive integration are nice touches and are likely to prove enticing for businesses who might use it for collaborative purposes.
  • Get the same experience across all devices: Microsoft Office365 now available for all devices. That means if u have an iphone or ipad or other devices from well-known manufactured you can install it from their store so that you can do the same stuffs that you can do with your pc.
  • Properly synced mobile device with calendar contacts: Rapid growth of Mobile, Smart Phone, tab etc if all those are not synced up that’s a big pain in the ass. Office365 makes the whole things simpler and automated. For say if someone delete an email from his/her windows phone then its automatically gets synced up with all connected device and all those device will only show the updated inbox.
  • No VPN required – connect from anywhere: You don’t require any VPN connection, you simply could login and get the most of it [Symbol].
  • Largest mailbox: Office365 now offers 25GB mailbox which is a massive mailbox so that no one have to clean up their mail box. With this huge amount of mailbox storage individual can have every email that they have ever received.
  • Work from multiple devices with no additional cost: If you love to work from more than one location or love to use different devices at different time then that’s not a problem with Office365. With Office365 you gets the flexibility to use the same subscription to login from different devices. You don’t have to buy different subscription for different devices. It has the potential to save you a great deal of money. Office 365 can be yours for $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year.
  • No more Licensing upgrades: Office365 does not require additional downloads/installation on your local machine, instead you can enjoy the service from within your browser. Since all the processing and logic are running and serving directly from cloud, it makes the update process simple and automated. Microsoft can update and patches on their end and all the subscriber can get the updated version right away.

People like me just by reading stuffs probably won’t try to take a decision. Moving to an online version of Office is something of major transition that many of you might want to test drive before committing to.  So, Microsoft offers you to try out Office365 absolutely free of charge for a month to check out if it suits your need. Check that out and in no time Office365 will be your preferred solution


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