Azure Website 101 : Try Azure, No Credit Card Required

This is the second blog of the series “Azure Website 101”. is the new address for those developer who are bit lazy to go for a subscription hassle. Tag line for this website is “No credit card required, no commitments, no hassles!” Using this address you can try azure for an hour without any azure subscription.

As you can see the home page highlights 3 steps to get your azure site up and running for an hour in sandbox.

Azure Website 101 - TryAzure_1

In the first step select appropriate template that matches your skills. You can always check the drop down box to find out which languages are available. I have my comfort zone in C# so I picked C# to filter the templates.  You can see 5 different templates at least. Pick whatever makes you happy 🙂

Azure Website 101 - TryAzure_2

Once you picked your template click for Create. Within a few seconds you will find a random generated url that points your sandbox website.

Azure Website 101 - TryAzure_3

Clicking the url will navigate to the newly crated website. From here you can edit it online with VISUAL STUDIO ONLINE  or you can clone it to your git. You can also download your site content. In the following figure you are seeing Bakery template that is powered by ASP.NET.

Azure Website 101 - TryAzure_4


The good part of the Visual Studio ONLINE  (codename: Monaco) is  that you can gets your hand dirty with code right into your browser, you can make changes there and can affect your original sandbox hosted site.

Azure Website 101 - TryAzure_5

If you want to stay longer for the full Azure Websites experience you can always subscribe for 30 days Azure free trial.


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