Global Azure Bootcamp first time In Bangladesh !


For the very first time in Bangladesh, the Global Azure Bootcamp is being held at NewsCred today and is organized by Microsoft Azure Bangladesh(community group managed by Shahriar Hossain). The event which commenced at 11:00am is aimed to familiarize professionals and students alike about the services of Azure that can aid in startup businesses and enterprises to ensure better productivity and security.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform developed by Microsoft to build, deploy and manage applications and services through a worldwide network of data centers owned and managed by Microsoft. Services include website hosting, database management, business analytics and other cloud services. Starting from 2013, the Microsoft Azure Community organizes a day long Azure Bootcamp globally, and this year, the day long training session is being held in Bangladesh for the first time.

The interactive sessions held during the event are being taken by an expert panel of professionals. The speakers include, Tanzim Saqib (Tech Evangelist, Microsoft Bangladesh), Swagata Prateek, (MVP, Windows Platform Development), Shahriar Hossain (Tech Author and Microsoft Technical Community Speaker), Monjurul Habib (Sr. Software Engineer, Cefalo),  Hasanuzzaman Shuvo (Software Engineer, Kaz Software), Maksud Saifullah Pulak (Software Engineer, Aprosoft), Shahjada Talukdar Masoom (Sr. Software Engineer, Orbitax Bangladesh Ltd),  Shahriar Iqbal Chowdhury (CTO, Desme) and Milton Murshid (Network Engineer, VirtualAjax).

Over 120 individuals are present at the event with the majority of participants being IT professionals. Shahriar Hossain took the session Into the heart of Azure Website.


“This is a movement to empower developers with Microsoft Azure” said Shahriar Hossain. “Through this event we aim to have the developer community be familiarized with Azure and develop a cloud friendly ecosystem.”

“Azure allows businesses to be extremely scalable” said Tanzim Saqib. “Most of the participants at this event are those with technical background, including ones who are not experts on the Microsoft platform. We hope to make them more aware of Azure and help them to integrate cloud computing in their line of work.” He added.

Dev Skill is the platinum sponsor of the program while Newscred is the venue sponsor. Strategic partner for the event is Engineering Students’ Association of Bangladesh (ESAB) and HiFi Public is the media partner.

The event will conclude at 6pm.

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