Introducing Cloud Computing at DotNetters Tech Summit – 2015 RUET

A day long technical event titled “DotNetters Tech Summit – 2015 RUET” was held on Saturday, 6th June at RUET (Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology) organized by Microsoft technical community group ‘DotNetters’. The event was inaugurated by honorable vice-chancellor of RUET Prof. Dr. Mohd. Rafiqul Alam Beg. This event had drawn immense response from computer science students and technology enthusiasts of RUET.

Speakers at the event comprise of renowned software architects and engineers from different reputed software companies in Bangladesh. Featured part of the event was an interactive development drills participated by all the “DotNetters” speakers.

The panel of speakers include Shahriar Hossain (tech author & Microsoft Technical Community Speaker), Shahriar Iqbal Chowdhury (CTO, Desme),  Ronald Roni Saha (Sr. System Developer, SoftwarePeople), Delwar Hiossain (Sr. Software Engineer, Desme), Sohel Rana (founder Nerddevs), Sk. Tajbir (Sr. Software Engineer, Desme) and Maksud Saifullah Pulak (Software Engineer, Aprosoft).

The session “Magical World of Cloud” taken by Shahriar Hossain  introduced Cloud computing to the RUET students.

Session: Magical World Of Cloud

Session: Magical World Of Cloud

Internationally renowned canadian development community ‘CodeProject’, USA based software company ‘Desme’ and ‘Aprosoft Consulting and Training Corp. Ltd’ were the community partners for this event, while ‘HiFi Public’ acted as the media partner.


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