Azure Website 101: Lets RESTORE your content !

In last blog post I have shown you how easily you could take backup of your content so that you can restore those while some sorts of disaster strikes on your website. This is a continuous part of previous one that you can check out here.

The Web Apps Restore feature lets you restore your web app on-demand to a previous state, or create a new web app based on one of your original web app’s backups. This is good for situation where you would like to figure out the changes that occur in two versions of your website (also known as A/B testing).

In order to restore your content first navigate to azure portal and then go to Settings>Backups option to open the Backups blade.
Azure Website 101_Restore_01

If you have taken backup before you could see a nice visualization of bar chart their presenting your recent backup history.

Azure Website 101_Restore_02

Scroll down the page to the bottom to find out the list of all backups that you have taken so far.  In my case, you can see I have taken 4 backups so far.

Azure Website 101_Restore_03

Based on the number of backup you have done previously the list might go bigger.

  1. Select the backup item that you would like to restore. Pay attention to Backup Time and Status info to pick the right one!
  2. Right click on the item to open the extended menu or click Restore Now from the top of the Backups blade.

Azure Website 101_Restore_04

This will open the Restore blade from where you either can select your existing web app or you can create a new web app from this backup content.

Note: If you want to restore from partial backup keep it in mind that in order to avoid issues you should first 

Azure Website 101_Restore_05

Then when you’re restoring your backups you can first restore the full backup of the site, and then restore the latest partial backup on top of it.


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