Campus Cloud Show @ IUT – 3

Highly anticipated Campus Cloud Show was held at IUT (Islamic University of Technology) campus on 21st August, 2015 at the initiative of Microsoft Azure Bangladesh. The event was exclusive to the IUTians only and the number of attendees went beyond expectation. The Agenda of the daylong event covered areas like – Cloud and BigData, Cloud Architecture, NoSql, Version Controlling and Node in Azure. The speaker panel was an impressive one too which included personalities like – Shahriar Hossain , Software Engineer (Desme) & Consultant (GreenCoders), Delwar Hossain, Lead Developer of Nerddevs, Shahriar Iqbal Chowdhury / Galib, CTO of Desme, Ronald Roni Saha, Software Engineer of SoftwarePeople and Sohel Rana, Founder of Nerddevs.

Since this was the first time IUTian were attending cloud related event, so a good introduction of Cloud and BigData was mandatory. Thus a QA based session of “Cloud and BigData” was taken by Shahriar Hossain where the students got the chance to interact with the speaker directly. This allowed students to clear all their confusion regarding cloud technologies.


Figure : Shahriar Hossain explaining Cloud


Figure : Delwar Hossain with NoSQL


Figure : Ronald Saha explaining Version Controlling


Figure : Sohel Rana with NodeJs


Figure : Shahriar Galib

Details of the event can be found here.


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