DotNetters Tech Summit – 2015 NUB

“DotNetters Tech Summit – 2015 NUB” was held on Saturday, 14th Nov at NUB (Northern University Bangladesh). The event was organized by Microsoft technical community group ‘DotNetters’. The event was inaugurated by the departmental head of Computer Science of NUB. This was the very first deep dive technical session they were receiving from industry experts. The event had drawn a very good response from computer science students of NUB.


Shahriar Hossain just started his session

Speakers at the event comprised of renowned software architects and engineers from different reputed software companies in Bangladesh. One of the featured session of this event was the Azure Webjobs and Some Advanced Scenario which was covered by me.


Shahriar Hossain is taking the session “Azure Webjobs and Some Advanced Scenario”


S.K Tajbir taking “Building a rich Web Application” session


Ronald Roni Saha explaining Version Controlling


Figure : Shahriar Iqbal Chowdhury

The panel of speakers included Shahriar Hossain (Tech author & Microsoft Technical Community Speaker), Shahriar Iqbal Chowdhury (CTO, Desme), Ronald Roni Saha (Sr. System Developer, SoftwarePeople) and Sk. Tajbir (Sr. Software Engineer, Desme).

Slide that I covered during the event can be download from here.

Facebook event page :


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