Azure Webjob ebook is on the way !


I have been writing tech articles on the blog for quite some time now, and what motivates me to write regularly is YOU. Each time I receive a query or a request over mail, I feel special, because I feel somehow this small attempt of mine to help you guys is paying off.

Lately, many of you have mailed me to say that you guys are enjoying the Azure Webjob Series and asked me whether I will be able to provide a pdf version of the series to make it easier for you to read. You have also asked my plan regarding ‘Azure Webjobs‘  series and what are topics I am planning to cover in my future posts.

well, I just want to say –

“Your Voice Counts !”

Azure Webjob ebook is on the way !

THOUGH I am not giving any particular release date just yet, I can promise you that azure webjob ebook will be available very soon. Till then you can visit my blog for new posts on this series.

Regarding the roadmap I have planned for azure webjobs, here it is –


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