I am now Azure MVP

The story started long ago, long before I had passed the secondary school. I used to work for peperonity, world’s largest mobile site building service provider. I was not their paid employee, but I used to do community work for them. In order to help the people of peperonity community, I came up with the idea of two unique sites –  ask.help and free.tutorial which turned out to be the best service providing sites in their community in the year 2008.

After getting a recognition from peperonity community I was inspired to do more community works and engaged myself in community works for many organizations. However it turns out that joining the Microsoft Student Partner(MSP) Program was one of the best things I did at that time. Being an MSP I was responsible of sharing my technical knowledge with the academic community by arranging events, giving presentations and initiating projects. Soon I became the MSP lead in my campus. During that period I had participated in Imagine Cup and ended up being the runners up team in Bangladesh. At that time, I had also written my first ebook named “Microsoft Silverlight for Windows Phone” for which I got immense response from the community. In September 2014, three years after joining MSP, I ended my journey as an MSP.

Journey from MSP to MVP

If you see closely, you will see that the alphabet ‘S‘ in MSP is only two alphabets before the alphabet ‘V‘. To make the S into V was a dream for me, a burning desire to get to the next level. So, with a little knowledge of Azure I started this group to bring all the azure enthusiasts under the same hood in Bangladesh. Over time I learnt a lot from other community members and also started sharing my knowledge with others. I wrote blog posts, arranged several events, podcasts and then on the very first day of January 2016 I got mail from MVP panel.


I am now Azure MVP 😀

It turns out that was right about MVP. To become an MVP you need to have an intense appetite for technology, a passion to evangelize, a burning desire to convey it, a love of writing and speaking about it. I did try from the bottom of my heart to do all these and today I am awarded with the most prestigious award Most Valuable Professional (MVP) by Microsoft.





I would like to remember few people who helped me on the way. Avishek Ahmed is the key person who kicks the passion inside me for technology. He was probably the best mentor I  could ever get in my life.

Photo : Me with Avishek Ahmed

Photo : Me with Avishek Ahmed

And then there is Tanzim Saqib who kept pinging me to embrace new technologies. I still remember the day when Tanzim vai first told me to focus on cloud.

Tanzim Saqib

Photo : Tanzim Saqib

There is one more person who motivated me with his excellent effort and he is Swagata Prateek. The young, not too tall, funny guy who keeps motivating me to work. He never said me to do anything in the face actually, but his community works inspire me a lot.

Swagata Prateek

Photo : Swagata Prateek

This award wouldn’t have been possible without the support  from other community members. They helped me to arrange events, find sponsors, helped me with ideas, with feedback on articles and so on. Ashraf AlamMonjurul Habib, Shahriar Galib, Sk TajbirHasanuzzaman Shuvo are only a few of them. Special thanks to my beloved girl Anika Sayara.

If you are passionate with Microsoft products, I think you should check out this article. So. this is it. Thank You Microsoft and Happy New Year!

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