Book Review: Learning Microsoft Azure

Learning Microsoft Azure by Geoff

Have you ever wondered what Microsoft Azure is and what you can do with it? Then “Learning Microsoft Azure” – by Geoff Webber-Crossis is for you. The author of the book explained Azure and its features – i.e.; the services Azure provides to its subscribers in a very simple and easy manner, so that you become ready for your Azure journey in no time at all.

One of the good things about this book that I should state is that the author wrote the book in a way that you as a reader actually find it pretty helpful understanding the core concept of how an enterprise solution actually works and what are the aspects that you have to bring into consideration while developing a solution that runs on cloud.

This is a book that not only describes the services that Azure provides but also demonstrates real life scenarios through a fictional industrial example. Just by following the example you will get an idea about how to design a system for cloud that hosts in Azure and serves mobile clients, sends notification to subscribers in need and how easily you can monitor your whole solution.

The book has been written assuming that you are already a .NET developer and so its a great book for all the .Net developers who are keen to explore the cloud world with Microsoft Azure.

Finally I should mention that this is one of the good books that I have read recently to flourish my existing cloud skills with Microsoft Azure. I highly recommend this book.